[RC5] seti@home fraud!

Stuart Millington phupp at wormhole.demon.co.uk
Wed Jun 9 01:29:58 EDT 1999

On Mon, 7 Jun 1999 10:46:28 -0400, you wrote:

quoted> we'll release new versions of the client software that fix
quoted> several bugs and respond to server problems in a more
quoted> user-friendly way.

   As long as these "bug-fixed" clients include block buffering,
multi-processor support and the ability to turn off the pointless
graphics which such 50% of CPU it will be worthwhile. Otherwise, quite
a few people I know will go back to RC5 until seti know what they are

quoted> So please bear with us during these "growing pains", and
quoted> thanks for being part of this incredible project.

   Nearly a month of processing the same data blocks requires a large
amount of patience.

>I believe the SETI at Home staff was woefully under prepared for the number of
>users who decided to participate.  Reaching 500,000 users in 18 days was an
>order of magnitude larger than they expected, IMHO.  Many of the problems

   Fairy nuff.

>SETI at Home is reporting could be taken directly from D.Net's growing pains.
>They are suffering from the same problems, just sooner because of the amount
>of publicity they got before the project started.

   If only Dnet had had the V3 clients and could have incorporated the
seti code into them...

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