[RC5] Difference in Win-32 Clients

Stephen Berg sberg at pangaealink.com
Thu Jun 10 02:17:53 EDT 1999

On Wed, 09 Jun 1999 12:48:39 -0400, Alex Bischoff wrote:

>AFAIK, it's just a matter of programming. The CLI is all text (easier),
>while the GUI version requires more effort (and so it runs behind a bit). 
>According to Silby's .plan, he going to try to release a new version of the
>GUI this weekend

I switched to the CLI version a month ago and ran it for a couple of
days, and then fired up the GUI client to get the graph view of the
keyrate, and noticed the newer version (CLI) ran consistently slower
than the older (GUI) client.  So I switched back.

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