[RC5] Increase that keyrate!

Alex alex at recexpress.demon.co.uk
Tue Jun 8 04:42:25 EDT 1999

I go online at least once a week if not more and always now do a manual
flush. I only started doing this as I was going to switch to a new client 33
block size = :@) and wanted rid of the old buffers as I wanted a full wipe
of all HD's in my system.

1. Anyone who is subscribed to the list is going to know way in advance
about a new project/contest so I do not perceive this to be a real issue. As
to the question of why it speeds up I presume the client monitors network
connections and is permanently attempting to make a connection to d.net

2. Yes that's why you see updates for the clients periodically (MSDOS) New
keyrate areas are defined (AFAIK) I tested this by block harvesting one
evening while I was working. With 2 clients doing 100 blocks flushed on
different days, I got a respectable 80 ish blocks (new client) and the next
day I got 0!(old client)

I was planning on resurrecting an old 386 but this is more economical and
less noisy! I manage to get a peak of 1.297 now so after a full wipe down a
clean machine should give 1.31 + (I used to get 1.31 when I first ran the
client on a clean system) If everyone did this the overall benefit would be
pretty noticeable.

>At 08:16 PM 6-5-1999 , you wrote:
>>Just a little tip for win clients: If you select the off line always
>>then your keyrate goes up. :@) I got 1.282 M K/s to 1.292 that's like a
>>whole 386's difference :*))
>>Maybee this works for others ?

I see only two problems with doing random blocks:
1. Your client won't be notified of contest changes, like DES and such..
2. My understanding of the random blocks is that they're not random over the
whole keyspace, but rather random over a controlled area (and the "random
area" is moved along once it's completely checked). So, if too many people
did random blocks, there could be some redundancy :-/.
And, from running the client on my 386 (full time!) I can confirm that your
increase of 10 kkey/s is almost exactly one 386's worth faster :).
FWIW though, I can't figure out why it'd be much faster running the client
in offline mode, other than that it wouldn't have to upload/download

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