[RC5] Re: rc5-digest V1 #292

Matt.Wilkie Matt.Wilkie at gov.yk.ca
Thu Jun 10 12:33:05 EDT 1999

>I find that it is rather difficult for even SETI people to 
>quantify exactly what constitutes a "recognizable intelligent signal." 

IANA-Astronomer, but I think it basically boils down to signal
strength and pattern repition. For me personally, I don't understand
what they are looking for and how they are doing it. I see some 
people who believe strongly enough in their ideas that they are 
willing to devote a considerable amount of time, energy and money
to realizing those ideas. I place a certain amount of trust that -they- 
understand what they are attempting, and I'm giving them a hand.
Maybe s at h will work, probably not, but the trying will be very

The distributed computing project that I personally was/am really
interested in was Tom Ray's Tierra (artificial life). Rc5 & s at h are
just things to play with while I'm waiting. :-)


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