[RC5] Key Rate Question

SmugFish smugfish at hotmail.com
Sun Jun 13 17:27:23 EDT 1999

pardon the intrustion, It would seem the rc5 hardware list is dead and this
should be a simple question.

Why would the 7106 GUI client be unable to run the DES benchmarks on a
Pentium3?  I get an error msg stating 'MMX extensions required... run from
command line'.  Just upgraded froma P2 266, problem was not there before.
I've tried to rule out a faulty processor, but just about every benchmark,
CPUID util, or other tool I can find at least reports P2 w/MMX, most of the
new stuff recognized P3 w/SSE.  I'm afraid I know very little about how the
distributed client works, and I assumed SSE was backwards compatible with
MMX.  Could someone perhaps provide a simple explanation and/or point me to
where I can find a more detailed one regarding what may be causing this?  I
am using the .7111 non-gui client now, but the .7106 benchmark prob has been
nagging me for some time, and I need to know if I have a faulty processor
which I need to exchange.  Thanks very much for your time.

apologies if this has been addressed B4, I've searched back through about a
month of this list with no similar cases, I'm baffled.

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