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John F. Kennedy jfk at gol.com
Mon Jun 14 03:38:31 EDT 1999

>>I find that it is rather difficult for even SETI people to
>>quantify exactly what constitutes a "recognizable intelligent signal."
>IANA-Astronomer, but I think it basically boils down to signal
>strength and pattern repition. For me personally, I don't understand
>what they are looking for and how they are doing it. I see some
>people who believe strongly enough in their ideas that they are
>willing to devote a considerable amount of time, energy and money
>to realizing those ideas. I place a certain amount of trust that -they-
>understand what they are attempting, and I'm giving them a hand.
>Maybe s at h will work, probably not, but the trying will be very
>The distributed computing project that I personally was/am really
>interested in was Tom Ray's Tierra (artificial life). Rc5 & s at h are
>just things to play with while I'm waiting. :-)
I think no one can forsee what the benefits of SETI might be. I started
working with RC5 after joining SETI. Imagine research departments being
inspired by SETI and the general computing public getting involved with
distributed computing. The amount of possible projects and progress made
just using ordinary folks' computers idle time could be significant.

The other question is who knows what might be discovered? Since no one has
done such a thorough analysis of the signals out there, there may be things
that are learned that have absolutely nothing to do with ETI. Maybe some
patterns will be found that after deeper analysis, reveal something about
the cosmos we don't already know. Remember some of the greatest discoveries
made in science have been by accident.

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