[RC5] RE: Distributed Computing

Martin Cross minge at connect4free.net
Mon Jun 14 18:20:46 EDT 1999

>I think no one can forsee what the benefits of SETI might be. I started
>working with RC5 after joining SETI. Imagine research departments being
>inspired by SETI and the general computing public getting involved with
>distributed computing. The amount of possible projects and progress made
>just using ordinary folks' computers idle time could be significant.

I agree.  The threads about who is better, d.net or SETI, are irrelevant.
The internet community is making great leaps and bounds in distributed
computer technology.  And that's where the future of computers could
possibly be heading.  It doesn't matter whether a processor is based on
silicon, frickin laser beams or whatever; two of those processors are always
going to be better than one - common sense yeah?

I only hope that d.net and SETI continue to make mistakes, and then learn
from them.  And that we get more projects coming online.

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