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Tue Jun 15 21:24:00 EDT 1999

-> I agree.  The threads about who is better, d.net or SETI, are irrelevant.
-> The internet community is making great leaps and bounds in distributed
-> computer technology.  And that's where the future of computers could
-> possibly be heading.  It doesn't matter whether a processor is based on
-> silicon, frickin laser beams or whatever; two of those processors are always
-> going to be better than one - common sense yeah?
-> I only hope that d.net and SETI continue to make mistakes, and then learn
-> from them.  And that we get more projects coming online.

        It is sad, however, to see such a duplication of effort.  With groups
as large as SETI and d.net, it seems wasteful for them not to enter into some
type of technical/informational (if that's even a word) agreement.

        With such an agreement it makes it much more unlikely that either group
will make the same mistakes.  d.net would lose nothing as they're open source
anyways.  SETI might not enter into the agreement unless some type of NDA was
accepted by d.net.  I'm not familiar enough with SETI to know if they're open
source or not.

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