[RC5] RE: Distributed Computing

Greg Mizell GMizell at peek-traffic.com
Wed Jun 16 17:03:16 EDT 1999

>BTW people have talked about the years that SETI may take. 
>Actually, it is
>a 2 year project, in which time it will have the searched the 
>entire sky. I
>guess the difference between RC5 and SETI, is that RC5 will eventually
>reach its objective if we don't quit, whereas SETI will 
>perform its search
>but more than likely not find anything, but you never know. 
>And as I said
>in the previous posts, SETI might find other kinds of signals out there
>that may advance our understanding of the universe.

Point of clarification here. It is a 2 year project as you have said.
However, it will not have searched the entire sky in that time. It will have
searched a piece of sky from about +60 to 0 degrees declination. This is as
much of the sky as can be 'seen' from the Arecibo site. Also, it is
searching a very limited range of frequencies. If SETI at Home finds a signal
that is unquestionably of ET origin, then that proves there is ET out there
somewhere. If we don't find anything, it proves nothing. There could have
been signals sent outside of the search window in location, frequency, or
time. Otherwise, I agree with your statements.


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