[RC5] Spam to distributed.net team members

Jim C. Nasby decibel at distributed.net
Thu Jun 17 13:27:19 EDT 1999

Yesterday, a spammer 'harvested' email addresses from our stats database
and sent out spam with spoofed email headers, making it appear that the
spam came from slashdot.org or team warped. It appears that the spammer
took email addresses out of the team member listing for the Slashdot team,
the OS/2 Warp team, and perhaps other teams.

We are looking into ways we can make it harder for spammers to harvest
email addresses from the stats database. Given the determination of some
spammers, it will be difficult for us to completely protect email
addresses without taking the stats off-line completely. Currently, our best
line of defense is to allow participants to be listed by something other
than their email address. If anyone has other suggestions, feel free to
send them to our mailing list, rc5 at lists.distributed.net.

If you are worried about your address being harvested, we strongly suggest
that you edit your participant info and change how you are listed. In
addition to being listed by your address, you can also be listed at
'Participant 123456' or by your name, which you can specify on the same

To edit your information, you need your password. If you don't have it,
take a look at your personal stats listing at http://stats.distributed.net
and click the link at the bottom of your listing that says 'I cannot
remember my password. Please email...'

Once you have your password, go to http://stats.distributed.net/pedit.php3
You will be asked for a user name and a password. Your user name is your
email address, and your password is the password that was mailed to you.

We hope that our users already assume this, but to clarify,
distributed.net will never, ever sell or otherwise distribute your email
addresses. The only method for people to retrieve email addresses is via
the stats database. We do not support spam, and we're very sorry that
someone would use our services to spam people.

Jim Nasby
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