[RC5] Spam protection

jmv16 at cornell.edu jmv16 at cornell.edu
Thu Jun 17 21:15:05 EDT 1999

On Thu, 17 Jun 1999, Mike Totman wrote:

> A simple solution might be to just obfuscate emails when they are displayed,
> translating '@' to '<at>' or equivalent, and don't have any mailto: links.  I
> don't know how smart spam-bots are for this sort of thing.  

Your average generic spambot would be stopped cold (not that I've looked 
at them, but I'd suppose so), but if a spammer realized that there was 
this massive publically available databse of address in which every one 
had undergone a certain modification, he (assuming some rudimentary 
scripting ability) would just `undo' the transformation...

I can see usefulness in restricting the number of hits/minute the stats 
webserver allows from a certain IP, though.  

Jeffrey M. Vinocur   *   jmv16 at cornell.edu

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