[RC5] spam

Kees Witteveen kees at rendo.dekooi.nl
Fri Jun 18 01:48:06 EDT 1999

"We are looking into ways we can make it harder for spammers to harvest
email addresses from the stats database. Given the determination of some

spammers, it will be difficult for us to completely protect email
addresses without taking the stats off-line completely. Currently, our
line of defense is to allow participants to be listed by something other

than their email address. If anyone has other suggestions, feel free to
send them to our mailing list, rc5 at lists.distributed.net."

Spam sucks .. but its something you can't stop ... same goes for hackers
there ain't no stopping them. Best thing (i think) is to ignore it and
don't pay any intentions to it. Complaints about spammers and taking
action against them is what they want ... best thing is to ignore them

best regards
Kees Witteveen (Amiga RC5 effort member)

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