[RC5] Re: [ANNOUNCE] Spam to distributed.net team members

Jeremy Blosser jblosser at firinn.org
Thu Jun 17 20:44:13 EDT 1999

Jim C. Nasby [decibel at distributed.net] wrote:
> We are looking into ways we can make it harder for spammers to harvest
> email addresses from the stats database. Given the determination of some
> spammers, it will be difficult for us to completely protect email
> addresses without taking the stats off-line completely. Currently, our best
> line of defense is to allow participants to be listed by something other
> than their email address. If anyone has other suggestions, feel free to
> send them to our mailing list, rc5 at lists.distributed.net.

I'm not overly fond of egroups, but there is one thing they do that seems
useful -- they automask any email addresses listed by changing the char
before the @ to a -.  You have to click on the address link and jump
through some hoops to get the real address.

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