[RC5] Spam protection

David Cantrell david at wirestation.co.uk
Fri Jun 18 11:12:41 EDT 1999

> A simple solution might be to just obfuscate emails when they are
> displayed, translating '@' to '<at>' or equivalent, and don't have any
> mailto: links.  I don't know how smart spam-bots are for this sort of
> thing.  Alternatively, the practice in newsgroups of doing something like
> "totty at DELETE.TO.REPLY.powersurfr.com" might be sufficient as well.

Maybe take the same approach as is done on the uk.* hierarchy on 
Usenet.  When results of a CFV are published, they are published WITH 
EMAIL ADDRESSES, but they are obfuscated randomly.  The @ sign is 
generally replaced with a randomly selected punctuation mark, as are 
the dots in the domains.

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