[RC5] Bandwidth bloat (was Re: rc5-digest V1 #292)

Matt.Wilkie Matt.Wilkie at gov.yk.ca
Fri Jun 18 12:25:48 EDT 1999

>> Ummm, even on a 28.8 it shouldn't matter that much.  I'm on 

>The problem is more that it takes too damned long to scroll past 
>seventeen feet of quoted crap.  It annoys me, even on the end of a 2Mb 
>line.  Quoting more than is necessary is rude, inconsiderate, and a 
>sign of utter incompetence.

While I don't share your depth of feeling, I certainly share the sentiment.
I edit my responses because it makes it easier for me to read and to
follow the thread. I skip messages which have more quote than new
simply because I can't be bothered to decipher it. :)

I just wish more development time for mail clients was spent on smart
quoting features.


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