[RC5] Spam ideas

Jim C. Nasby jim at nasby.net
Fri Jun 18 15:37:37 EDT 1999

We got a ton of emails to rc5 at lists about how to deal with spammers, so rather
than approve them all, here's a summary }:8)

Many people suggested different methods of obscuring emails addresses. Some
thought that spammers were generally dumb and that simply replacing @ with
[at] would work, others came up with more complex schemes such as removing a
specific character (such as the first letter of the domain).

Another suggestion was to assign all participants an ID of some sort. We're
way ahead of you on this... all participants do have a numeric ID, which is
used to conserve space in the database. Also, you can change your listing
so that is shows you as 'Participant #39766' or whatever your ID is.

There were suggestions to only list part of the email addresses. Unfortunatly,
this would make it difficult or impossible to determin who you actually were.

We've discussed things internally and are leaning towards leaving things the
way they are. As outlined in our announcement, it is very easy to change your
settings so that you are not listed with your email address. From what we've
seen in #distributed on IRC, most people are not too concerned about having
their email address listed. It would also be difficult for us to try and
prevent a lot of hits from a single site because proxies generally only report
as a single IP, so we'd end up cutting off anyone behind a firewall.

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