[RC5] Re: rc5-digest V1 #292 (OT)

Bjoern Labitzke hermit at labitzke.isdn.cs.tu-berlin.de
Fri Jun 18 11:24:34 EDT 1999

* Seth H. Bokelman (sethb at iastate.edu) [990618 09:13]:
> Ummm, even on a 28.8 it shouldn't matter that much.  I'm on dial-up as well,
> and it'd take at least a 100K message before I'd notice/get annoyed that it
> was too large.  Is that the problem, it's taking too long to download for
> your mail client, or are you reading it through some type of UNIX shell?

The point here is: Not _one_ person does this, but for some reason nearly
everyone on this list. So just add up all those unnecessary bytes. Why
should I pay for all that unneeded stuff? Just to remind you: There are
countries where you have to pay for the connection time, not just for a
call. (e.g. here in Germany) And there are people who get more than one
mailing list. So all those faults add up in the end...

The second point is clarity: Did you ever compare a message which quotes
according to the Netiquette vs all those posts here? You don't have to
go over all that stuff you read already just to find a single line
comment at the bottom. And what do you need all that original text for?
What use is e.g. the signature of the originator in the new message? The 
rule of thumb should be: Quote as much as is needed to make your point, but
get rid of all the rest!

Just to be on topic a bit: Is there somewhere a list with all the
idle time tasks that are available and a short explanation of them?

Bye, Bjoern

Bjoern Labitzke  <hermit at cs.tu-berlin.de>
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