[RC5] Why I am discouraged with d.net

Aaron Swartz aswartz at swartzfam.com
Sun Jun 20 14:07:37 EDT 1999

> Why do I always see a message
> saying that "...useful stats" will be available soon. d.net is certainly a
> more noble project. Noble indeed because it at least has a foreseeable
> ending. Unfortunantly only SETI provides the statistical reporting that this
> rookie and my pals require. Let me know when this gets fixed and I will be
> more than happy to donate my processor's time.

Preliminary stats are up! You should be able to see your contribution, just
do a search on your "Distributed.net ID" -- the email address you put into
your D.net client. There are still some problems to be worked out but
individual statistics are available. Go to:


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