[RC5] Why I am discouraged with d.net

Patrick Mikulak pmikulak at bestweb.net
Sat Jun 19 16:34:10 EDT 1999

Please advise me if this is not the area to discuss this but I feel that I
must vent a bit. I, like so many others, have been lured away from d.net
because I am, to this day, still unable to call up any stats concerning my
processor's input into the RC5 project. Why is this? Why am I unable to see
my progress? Why am I unable to join a team? Why do I always see a message
saying that "...useful stats" will be available soon. d.net is certainly a
more noble project. Noble indeed because it at least has a foreseeable
ending. Unfortunantly only SETI provides the statistical reporting that this
rookie and my pals require. Let me know when this gets fixed and I will be
more than happy to donate my processor's time.

Patrick Mikulak
pmikulak at bestweb.net

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