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Marc Warne marc at alphapro.demon.co.uk
Sat Jun 19 20:12:29 EDT 1999

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          David Taylor <rc5 at xfiles.nildram.co.uk> wrote:

> On Fri, 18 Jun 1999, Scott I. Remick wrote:
> > Use a technique similar to those of web-page counters... create a script 
> > that converts the email address text to a GIF.  Problem solved.
> PHP3 even comes with an example of dynamically generated images, and i'm
> sure it could be converted to *statically* generate the images once a day
> during a stats update.   CPU usage might be a bit high though..

Please no! It's a very interesting idea, but will take up more disc space.

The main reason I think it would not work is that some people grab e-mail
addresses from the members pages for legitimate reasons. For example, a
program I run grabs members pages from distributed.net, processes them
and sends it out to members. It'd be almost impossible to do this if all
the addresses were GIFs.

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