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>How about changing the default way of listing you to your participant ID,
>so you need to *request* your email is visible, instead of the other way

But where can new participants find their IDs? 
Statsbox would have to send an email to every new participant. This mail should contain the ID and explain the procedure to change the default settings etc.
But imagine, someone mispelled his address and waits for the mail. Searching for an abbreviated form of the mail address could result in a list of perhaps 20 "Participant 123456", without giving senseful information.

psummary.php3 shows currently still shows your email address. This won't be so harmful because the harvester will have to get one html page per email address.

BTW, is it senseful to allow the majordomo at ... who <list> command? This reports lots of addresses! rc5@, proxyper@ and plans@ are listable, announce@ is not listable - "**** List 'announce' is a private list. **** Only members of the list can do a 'who'." I'm reading announce@!. Others not testet.


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