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Martin Harvey martin at aziraphale.demon.co.uk
Sat Jun 19 18:30:11 EDT 1999

Dave wrote:
> The problem with converting it to GIF or something like that is bandwidth. I
> mean, how are they gonna store some 175,000 GIF files?

The way I see things, you simply don't need to store that: You simply
need to store a gif file for every character in the ASCII table, and
then insert the appropriate links to put the files right next to each
other. If this is the case, then browsers will automatically cache the
"letter gif" files.

However, the approach above is still open to attack by good spambots. It
seems that you might have to make the link in the generated page point
to "participant-id-23454565.gif"... in that case, it is *that* hard to
simply make the web server forward the request on to an application
which creates the required gif on the fly? In order to do this, it's
just a matter of having all the gif files in memory, (ensuring they all
have the same pallete), doing a bit of maths on the size of the final
image, reading and copying the appropriate scanline data, forging the
correct gif header on the front, and then dumping the lot to a stream
that the web server will accept.


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