[RC5] Spam ideas

Ryan Anderson ryan at michonline.com
Mon Jun 21 02:11:12 EDT 1999

> But where can new participants find their IDs? 
> Statsbox would have to send an email to every new participant. This mail should contain the ID and explain the procedure to change the default settings etc.
> But imagine, someone mispelled his address and waits for the mail. Searching for an abbreviated form of the mail address could result in a list of perhaps 20 "Participant 123456", without giving senseful information.

There's no reason you can't *search* on an email address and display only
ids.  For example, search on my email (ryan at michonline.com), and get back
"Participant 3836" with some text on the page explaining that you *don't*
see the email by default because it's an anti-spam thing.)

Ryan Anderson

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