[RC5] spam

David Cantrell david at wirestation.co.uk
Mon Jun 21 10:43:12 EDT 1999

>                                                           A simpler way
> of preventing much of the harvesting would be to send the addresses as
> HTML ampersand codes, like @, which will render as an address when
> viewed as a human but will not show up as addresses when read as a file. 
> Any browser worth using will support the use of such codes (including
> lynx).  This solution, however, would increase the average page size in
> exchange for an increase in the number of server hits as above.

Good idea.  I assume most harvesters won't catch that - although again, 
parsing it out would be trivial.  The page size increase would be 
minute - it is unlikely to even need a single extra packet to be sent 
(and therefore no impact on the server).  The only exception would be 
the 'top 100 participants today' page, which would become perhaps a few 
packets bigger.

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