[RC5] Keyrate on a P3?

Holger Lamm holger at e-technik.uni-kl.de
Thu Jun 24 18:19:52 EDT 1999

On Wed, 23 Jun 1999, Shawn Tayler wrote:

> Hi Guy's,
> Anyone running RC5 on a Pentium 3 yet?  Is there any comparison of keyrates 
> between a 3 and a 2 of the same clock speed?  Just curious if there an
> advantage other than the loss of privacy with the 3....

Got no P3, but there is absolutely no difference between a P2 and a P3
except the "make your FTP download faster" Internet extensions and the "I
am Pentium of Borg, prepare to be identified" number.

Sorry, no reason for the extra money ..

The day when Microsoft makes something that does not suck,
is probably the day they start making vacuum cleaners.

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