[RC5] seti@home fraud!

Tom Garner trgarner at yta.attmil.ne.jp
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Image all the people dumping RC5 for SETI b/c they think that RC5, after 2
years, not cracking the code, yet, they THINK they'll get something from

Myself, I tend to lend towards the wacko-dingbat side and believe that IF
something was found, we will never ever be told.  I believe that the
Government (insert your favorite bad guys here) agency's will step in and
quietly keep the results a secret.  Why?  Simple a) power and b) widespread

Militarily wise, think of the technological advances we could obtain (after
all we about used up all the resources from Roswell) from another species?

Widespread panic?  Why would there be a panic?  Well, talk to your local
religious nut and ask him/her their beliefs in life on other planets, most
(note the word most) will say that there cannot be life on other worlds,
b/c, if there where God would have said so in the Bible.  So, think of the
religious and just plain social fundamentalist Shattering their beliefs that
we are NOT alone.

And then, whose to say that some of those wonderful green little men
(assuming they are green and little) are not already thinking the same thing
(military advances?) and preparing a trip HERE and then answer later...

I know, babble ramble, and nonsense, but then, that's what makes the world
of conspiracy theories so MUCH FUN!

I will stick w/ RC5, my next computer will run RC5 and my old computer will
run RC5 and SETI.

Yes, I do think its a worthwhile project on the basis of distributed
computing, any distributed computing project, in my humble opinion IS A

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>Encryption is far more relevant to everyone's day to day life, I
>agree. But if it takes tens of thousands of computers years
>to break one code, haven't you demonstrated what level of
>encryption is necessary? Why continue? The time would be better
>spent advocatting ditching the current standards for encryption.

Do you beleive SETI project will discover something in the
nearest month ? It might takes a lot of years too, certainly more
than rc5 to find something.

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