[RC5] Re: CPU Heat Dissipation

Jake Paris Paris at cs.uri.edu
Sat May 1 00:33:20 EDT 1999

With all of the questions and suggestions floating around about CPU
heat and cooling, I have a question of my own. I have a Pentium II
-350Mhz, what is an acceptable heat level if the computer is running at
100% CPU usage? I have my warning/controled shutdown system in my BIOS
set for 60 degrees celcius. Is that too much or not enough? I have a
cross fan in the front bottom of my case, as well as a fan next to the
exceedingly large heatsink on my Matrox Millennium G200 Video card (as
well as the power supply fan). The main problem with my system is the
over-abundance of internal drives. I have 2 CD-ROMs, 2 Hard Drives, 2
Floppies, and an ATAPI Zip Drive. My guess is this causes significant
air-flow problems, as I had to hot-glue the mounting bracket for one of
my hard drives to the bottom of the case.

-Jake Paris

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