[RC5] One file per block (etc)

Richard Menedetter ricsi at bigfoot.com
Mon May 3 16:54:37 EDT 1999

Hi Christopher

Christopher Hicks <chicks at chicks.net> wrote:

 CH> Somoeone also complained that using files would consume lots of
 CH> space. If you have 1000 RC5 blocks and your clusters are 4K, that's
 CH> only 4M of disk space.  Bigger clusters occur only on bigger hard
 CH> drives where that shouldn't be a significant loss.

Sorry, but I don't want to loose 32 MB (on a FAT16 1,2 GB Drive) because of a
bad organisation of the BUF Files !!

CU, Ricsi

Richard Menedetter <ricsi at bigfoot.com> [ICQ: 7659421] {PGP Key available}

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