[RC5] If you were writing our next client...

Ilmari Karonen iltzu at sci.fi
Mon May 3 23:37:59 EDT 1999

On Fri, 30 Apr 1999, Richard J. Straka wrote:
> flat out, while most other applications are not. Even a good scheduler
> in the OS cannot "do the right thing" when you're trying to compile code
> and run the client simultaneously. It would try to give both
> CPU-intensive applications 50% each (roughly). You really want the

Huh? The only OS whose task scheduler I know inside out is AmigaOS, and it
does do the right thing. If the client has a lower[1] priority than the
compiler, which it almost certainly has, then the client is effectively
frozen. It will get a little CPU time, but that's only whenever the
compiler is idle, waiting for disk I/O to complete.

Now the Amiga task switcher may be rather simplistic, but it does work
very well, and as it's been around since the '80s one would assume that
most modern OSes can't be much worse - Micro$oft products excepted, of

[1] Amiga task priorities range from -128 to 127, with nicer tasks having
lower priorities. The default priority is 0, I suppose the Amiga d.net
client (never tried it myself) runs somewhere below -100.

[2] Wot? Scrolling a browser window (normal priority) starves MODPlug
player (real-time priority) of cycles? Wouldn't believe it if I hadn't
heard it myself - sheer bloody idiocy, I say!

Ilmari Karonen (iltzu at sci.fi)

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