[RC5] Key Rate Question

Aaron Kramer aaron.kramer at ins.com
Tue May 4 23:21:55 EDT 1999

The RC5-64 FAQ says :
   Why are the Cyrix and AMD chips faster than my Intel Pentium?

   The Cyrix and AMD/Nextgen designers worked hard to increase the 
   efficiency of their integer math components since integer
   math forms the basis for so much of the computing that goes
   on in the real world. As it happens RC5 uses strictly integer 
   operations so it enjoys an added boost when running on
   these processors. 

But my experience has been the opposite. Anyone see similar results?

I have a AMD K62-450 running Solaris 7 that keys 750,000 keys/sec. I 
expected something over a million.

aaron.kramer at ins.com

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