[RC5] Key Rate Question

Attila Csipa bear at tippnet.co.yu
Thu May 6 13:39:01 EDT 1999

On Tue, 4 May 1999 22:21:55 -0400
"Aaron Kramer" <aaron.kramer at ins.com> wrote:

>    The Cyrix and AMD/Nextgen designers worked hard to increase the 
>    efficiency of their integer math components since integer
> But my experience has been the opposite. Anyone see similar results?
> I have a AMD K62-450 running Solaris 7 that keys 750,000 keys/sec. I 
> expected something over a million.

I found Cyrix to be faster (300.000 k/s on a P166+), and AMD to be
somewhat slower (330.000 k/s on a K6-200), but still better then Intel.
An Intel Pentium on 100MHz did about 130.000 k/s. BTW The picture
changes drastically when you change from RC5 to DES, AMD is (was?) much
better at that. Operating systems may play a role in speed as well

750.000 on 450Mhz seems little to me - I'm getting that speed on an
Intel P2/266MHz.

PS. Note that all these speeds are from older (around v415) clients.

Attila Csipa
Team Prometheus coordinator
Distributed.net regional representative for Yugoslavia

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