Odp: [RC5] If you were writing our next client...

Ilmari Karonen iltzu at sci.fi
Thu May 6 19:41:06 EDT 1999

On Tue, 4 May 1999, Amigo wrote:
> >[1] Amiga task priorities range from -128 to 127, with nicer tasks having
> >lower priorities. The default priority is 0, I suppose the Amiga d.net
> >client (never tried it myself) runs somewhere below -100.
> Exactly at -20, -10 or 0 (three levels of 'nice' process).

That's silly! I mean it's a bloody slopsucker, obviously it should have
the lowest priority, right?

And with the Amiga task switcher following the priorities so strictly,
doesn't that mean *nothing* below priority -20 *ever* runs while the
client is active? Wouldn't a better list be, say, -128, -64, 0?

One would think that having a continuously running task at such a high
priority could even cause some nasty priority inversions. Of course, I
would've just used XOper to set the priority myself, but I find it hard
to believe that _all_ the people still using the Amiga know about such

Ah well, none of my business I suppose - there's little point in running
the client on a 14MHz A1200 with 2Mb of RAM that I hardly ever even use

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