[RC5] Remote config managment

Jacques Exelrud pice at distributed.net
Thu May 6 16:55:12 EDT 1999

    As users of the newer (440+) win32cli client may have noticed, many of
the features that have been requested by users of this list have already
been implemented. Work has begun on a remote administration feature and we
would like some feedback on this, please send your suggestions by May 14th
to rc5 at lists.distributed.net. You can also check
http://www.distributed.net/~pice/console for current status.

    This program will actually be three programs,
            It will be change so that it can receive request for changing
*some* of its config info, among then we can have:
            block size
            network setting
            log options
            blocks processed
            overall keyrate
            <name your suggestion>

        One item will *not* be allowed to be changed:email, please do not

    2-node program
        It will act like a relay to handle config info generated by the
console and sent to a client

    3-management console
        So that the user can check/change client configuration working like
a config info server

    How will it work ?
    The client will connect from time to time to one of the nodes and check
if there is a console requesting communication with it. If such a console is
found the config process is started. Clients connected all the time and
without any firewall problem can inform the node this status and just wait
until something arrives for it.
    Of course all this communication will be encrypted so that you cannot
request a client that is not yours to change any info!

    Jacques Exelrud (aka PICE)

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