[RC5] Israeli Scientist Reports Discovery of Advance in Code Breaking

Sanford Olson sanford at msn.fullfeed.com
Thu May 6 16:13:24 EDT 1999

Israeli Scientist Reports Discovery of Advance in Code Breaking 

An Israeli computer scientist is expected to shake up the world of
cryptography this week when he introduces a design for a device that could
quickly unscramble computer-generated codes that until now have been
considered secure enough for financial and government communications. In a
paper to be presented Tuesday in Prague, the computer scientist, Adi
Shamir, one of the world's foremost cryptographers, will describe a
machine, not yet built, that could vastly improve the ability of code
breakers to decipher codes thought to be unbreakable in practical terms.
They are used to protect everything from financial transactions on the
Internet to account balances stored in so-called smart cards.


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