Odp: [RC5] If you were writing our next client...

Thomas Tavoly rc5 at amiga.cistron.nl
Thu May 6 23:28:50 EDT 1999

Hi Roby, on May 6 you wrote:

 > At 11:02 04/05/99 +0200, Amigo wrote:
 > >
 > > [Amiga client runs] Exactly at -20, -10 or 0 (three levels of 'nice' process).
 > I already guessed something like that, although you could go from -127 to
 > 128

-128 to 127 to be more precise.

 > I think -20 to 20 were to be considered the outer limits of real-life
 > situations. (I guess a process running at -100 will still get whetever CPU
 > is free, but a program running at 100 is likely to take over your
 > computer...)

Since input.device runs at 20, it's not wise to put anything at or above
that, otherwise you'll lose mouse and keyboard, not to mention everything
associated with Intuition/layers in general giving up. 3 would be the
advisable maximum, since even a lot of devices such as consoles, some TCP
stack stuff, Rexxmast, etc. start at 4 and up. Unless of course you plan on
running the client for an extended holiday or something and simply reset
the machine when you want to use it again :)

Similarly, depending on what you run, -100 may be too low to be usable,
or even nearly completely locked out.

 > Hmm, I really should get my A4000 back up and running,
 > although the keyrates won't be impressive I think... any numbers available ?

Current beta 68k core does around 146-147 Kkeys/s on my 50 MHz 68060, with
some tweaking it may reach 150 Kkeys/s (as opposed to currently available
68k clients which do 115-120).

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