[RC5] Israeli Scientist Reports Discovery of Advance in Code Breaking

Jeff Woods jdwoods at bga.com
Fri May 7 14:13:54 EDT 1999

At 5/6/99 03:13 PM , Sanford Olson wrote:
>Israeli Scientist Reports Discovery of Advance in Code Breaking 
>An Israeli computer scientist is expected to shake up the world of
>cryptography this week when he introduces a design for a device that could
>quickly unscramble computer-generated codes that until now have been
>considered secure enough for financial and government communications. In a
>paper to be presented Tuesday in Prague, the computer scientist, Adi
>Shamir, one of the world's foremost cryptographers, will describe a
>machine, not yet built, that could vastly improve the ability of code
>breakers to decipher codes thought to be unbreakable in practical terms.
>They are used to protect everything from financial transactions on the
>Internet to account balances stored in so-called smart cards.

I don't know if the rest of the article makes it clear, but Dr. (I presume he's
got a PhD. ;) Adi Shamir just happens to be the "S" in RSA.  He's not just some
schmuck with a hare-brained idea.  Of course, it's remotely possible that this
might be a hare-brained idea, but at least he's no schmuck.  :)

P.S.  Is "schmuck" a Yiddish word?  ;)
Jeff Woods
jdwoods at bga.com  [PGP key available here via finger]

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