[RC5] Re: CPU Heat Dissipation

Keith McLaurin skmac at ix.netcom.com
Thu May 6 23:04:48 EDT 1999

I have a Pentium 166 which works fine all the way 1o
85C without any
problems. Temp. is measured at center of heatsink with
thermocouple. Some processors have more margin or
ability to withstand heat than others - 

Your miles may be different.  486 processors often ran
with surface temps of 100C without any heatsinks - but
they were designed that way. 

I wonder why Intel doesn't publish any specs on CPU
temperature?? How to measure it and what the reduction
in life is as a function of temperature?  Most of these
CPU chips will last much longer than the mechanical fan
used to cool it (IMO)


Zypher wrote:
> 60C is much too hot :) Your system would likely lock up well before this
> (40C or so)
> Is this 60C specified as case temp or internal cpu? Your cpu tends to be
> anywhere from 10-50% hotter than the case...even then it is up there.
> Some cpus are spec'ed up to 90C (if you really buy that) but the rest of the
> system surely isn't.
> Cooler is better, it will extend the life of your cpu. Very cold (-40 or
> more) is faster, but thats for people with more free time/cash than I have.
> Mine runs from 75-100F (case, BH6 does not have cpu thermisitor header...and
> its hot down here in Texas ;) with loads of crap inside of it...
> Try out a monitor program to get an idea of what your system ranges at.
> You could try taking the case cover off. Some setups will cool better this
> way, while ohers like mine do best with the cover on. I've noticed the more
> fans you have, its usually 'cover-on-optimal', and vice versa. If its really
> bad, head to wal-mart or [insert your local houseware place here] and grab a
> 16" room fan. Aim inside the case with the cover off (not TOO close :) and
> use canned air to clean out the dust once a month.
> Hey, the list admin is being pretty open now...must have had a good week ;)
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> > With all of the questions and suggestions floating around about CPU
> > heat and cooling, I have a question of my own. I have a Pentium II
> > -350Mhz, what is an acceptable heat level if the computer is running at
> > 100% CPU usage? I have my warning/controled shutdown system in my BIOS
> > set for 60 degrees celcius. Is that too much or not enough? I have a
> > cross fan in the front bottom of my case, as well as a fan next to the
> > exceedingly large heatsink on my Matrox Millennium G200 Video card (as
> > well as the power supply fan). The main problem with my system is the
> > over-abundance of internal drives. I have 2 CD-ROMs, 2 Hard Drives, 2
> > Floppies, and an ATAPI Zip Drive. My guess is this causes significant
> > air-flow problems, as I had to hot-glue the mounting bracket for one of
> > my hard drives to the bottom of the case.
> >
> > -Jake Paris
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