[RC5] Key Rate Question

Christopher Hodson (Consultant) cmh at fpk.hp.com
Tue May 11 11:26:58 EDT 1999

John Campbell wrote:
>         The difference between DES and RC5 is even more pronounced when you
> start getting non-x86 architectures into the picture. I've got an otherwise
> idle Sun Enterprise 5500 with dual Ultras running the client... doing RC5,
> each processor manages around 650kk/s... my Celery 300 does better than
> that. On DES, though, it benchmarks at 8000kk/s, per processor, which is the
> highest rating I've personally seen on a single CPU.

A 440Mhz PA8500 does 8821381.44 keys/sec.  I tried to submit it to the
speeds page a while ago, but couldn't.

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