[RC5] seti project

Walt Taninatz waldo at voicenet.com
Sun May 9 16:18:26 EDT 1999

While the setiathome screensaver may be cute, they're not in the same
league as distributed.net. They still have to work on the number of supported 
platforms, networking, optimizations, etc. They have come a long way in a
short time, but they have a ways to go. I hope they take a good look at
d.net because many of the issues they're just learning about have been
addressed by d.net developers long ago.


On Sat, 8 May 1999, tony summerfelt wrote:

> i received email from the seti at home project to download the windows
> client...
> i got into the rc5 thing for the 'coolness' factor (ok i'm a computer
> geek/nerd :/ i'm doing the seti thing for the same reason (among a few
> others)
> i couldn't help but watch the display of the screen saver, which btw 
> WILL run 'full' mode--but needs to be maximized, and the computer does
> take a major performance hit, but minimized it takes about 1.1x cpu time
> time accourding to wintop...
> i was just thinking that the rc5 client could get a bit of an 'image'
> boost if it had a display like the seti  windows client has...
> .t

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