[RC5] Re: CPU Heat Dissipation

Roby Van Hoye DeRoby at mail.dma.be
Wed May 12 00:09:08 EDT 1999

Depends on the laptop I guess, the more closed ones (eg. Compaq Armada)
might have more trouble getting rid of the extra heat, but I suppose most
laptops are well tested (read : tortured) before released to the masses. I
suppose an endurance test is part of those tests.

I've got a DELL Inspiron 3200 (well, the company has infact :), and the
PII300MHz chunks away it's work. Untill recently it did 600k+ kps. The heat
produced was noticible but well within limits. 
Some time ago I switched to GIMPS and now the CPU is getting HOT (I mean
-really hot-, the keyboard is radiating warmth..) As a result the built-in
fan switches on every now and then. A wild guess would be that calculating
primes uses both the Integer and FPU side of the processor thus creating
more heat (??) .

A fellow worker has got a DELL Inspiron 7000 which has a more 'open'
construction allowing the CPU to disspers it's heat more easily. A built-in
fan comes to help if needed. His computer never gets as hot as mine but
OTOH his fan is nearly full-time on the job when cracking DES keys... (we
plan to test the GIMPS client in a near future just to find out it's impact
on the temperature)

I'd say, just go for it but NEVER let the client run on BATTERIES !! It
will kill your battery.


At 19:40 09/05/99 +0200, Rolu wrote:
>Would it be a bad thing to run the client on a laptop, concerning the heat?
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