[RC5] Amiga task priorities

Thomas Tavoly rc5 at amiga.cistron.nl
Tue May 11 22:48:23 EDT 1999

Hi Ilmari, on May 7 you wrote:

 > However, there's no such limit on the negative side. Several system
 > monitors run an idle task at -128, so slopsuckers like the d.net client
 > should probably have a higher priority, or at least an option for that.

Older system monitors are actually not very smart about it, most assume that they
will get some CPU time running even at those priorities, but in case of the client
running above them they will not.

 > On
 > the other hand, at least one program I used a lot had tasks running at
 > - -60 (HippoPlayer 'scopes) and I'm sure there are others. So the proper
 > default priority for the client should IMHO be around -100.

That is the choice of the author, any decent program has settings for this kind
of thing. Apart from that, it's a matter of assuming things, maybe this scope
only needs a very small percentage of CPU time and assumes that nothing else
will take 100% of CPU time, or at least not all the time (which would normally
be the case).

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