[RC5] project mascots...

Kevin Nelson knelson at netroplex.com
Tue May 11 23:41:19 EDT 1999

> Cows that walk around your desktop
> eating away at it?

How about squirrels? Of all the elusive critters around, they simply are the
most common. Cows, you expect them to be in their place, so to see them, not
a great surprise, unless they are directly in front of your car...

or maybe even raccoons. Have you ever seen/heard them at night stealing your
next day's food? Because of that "mask", they are the "outlaws" of the
animal kingdom, yet they had never met my ex- nor my former inlaws...

But then again, skunks are the most commonly misunderstood of all mammals...
besides, they're cute!

BE BOLD! Take inspiration from Linux, which uses perhaps the most worthless
of bird for an inspiration.

At least we could have some chocolate with those cows...


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