[RC5] seti project

tony summerfelt tsummerfelt1 at home.com
Tue May 11 14:13:09 EDT 1999

On Sun, May 09, 1999 at 08:05:49PM -0700, Martin Hecko wrote:

> That would be interesting, but what do you think the client could display. I 
> mean the SETi data and the analysis they are doing over it lends itself to 
> produce "cool" graphs. But RC5-64? Progress bar pretty much does it. There 
> is not much more information that could be represented in a graph that is 
> immediately available to the client.

a fancier progress bar? :)

actually that's not a bad idea, but more information could be displayed.

- time spent on current block
- total time since client was fired up
- total computer time since client was first installed

- keyrate on last block
- average keyrate   since client was fired up
- average keyrate since client was first installed

- dates and times for the above information

3d graphs would be overkill, but a progress bar and the above info, would
sure spruce up the display...

right now, if your machine is a bit slower, even the progress bar display
gets old after awhile...

i was working on something similar in perl, that emailed me the info (linux
only). and i was thinking of something gui in vb (a separate utiltity that
would parse the log file)....but if it was built into the client...

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