[RC5] seti project

Romulo Cholewa rmc at rmc.eti.br
Tue May 11 22:56:54 EDT 1999

What you said goes to the right spot. I said that before: seti at home must
accomplish lots of things before their client start running big time. It
really needs lots of optimization before it runs smoothly.

See, I tried the linux client here. It is quite disapointing. On a Pentium
II 300 MHz, it takes around 20 hours to smash a work unit. That's a lot of
work. Each work unit is 340 K... I guesss they are trying to hide this with
a nice interface and so on. But anyway, the project is quite interesting.

... but I LOVE COWS! :-))

All my computers here at home are configured to "Moooooooooooo" when a block
is completed. That's amazing... :-)

Romulo Moacyr Cholewa

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]While the setiathome screensaver may be cute, they're not in the same
]league as distributed.net. They still have to work on the 
]number of supported 
]platforms, networking, optimizations, etc. They have come a 
]long way in a
]short time, but they have a ways to go. I hope they take a good look at
]d.net because many of the issues they're just learning about have been
]addressed by d.net developers long ago.
]On Sat, 8 May 1999, tony summerfelt wrote:
]> i received email from the seti at home project to download the windows
]> client...
]> i got into the rc5 thing for the 'coolness' factor (ok i'm a computer
]> geek/nerd :/ i'm doing the seti thing for the same reason 
](among a few
]> others)
]> i couldn't help but watch the display of the screen saver, which btw 
]> WILL run 'full' mode--but needs to be maximized, and the 
]computer does
]> take a major performance hit, but minimized it takes about 
]1.1x cpu time
]> time accourding to wintop...
]> i was just thinking that the rc5 client could get a bit of an 'image'
]> boost if it had a display like the seti  windows client has...
]> .t
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