[RC5] seti project

Sami Korhonen sami.korhonen at saminko.fi
Wed May 12 07:18:16 EDT 1999

Maybe it could show the particular key it's breaking, in hex or something,
even the _amazingly_ fast running numbers/letters could be "cool" looking...

The progress bar could be done with bit of a 3d-touch etc. Needles to say,
these all should be optional so those who want the plain key crunching
power should get only that.

At 06:05 10.5.1999, Martin Hecko wrote:
>That would be interesting, but what do you think the client could display. I 
>mean the SETi data and the analysis they are doing over it lends itself to 
>produce "cool" graphs. But RC5-64? Progress bar pretty much does it. There 
>is not much more information that could be represented in a graph that is 
>immediately available to the client.
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Oh my my... m'first post to this mailing list! :-)
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