[RC5] project mascots...

Jon Mentzell sengir at erols.com
Wed May 12 14:09:39 EDT 1999

May I suggest that we use either Ants or Bees?  

Analogous to the small insects, our workstations can do little work
alone, but when compared to the large number of entities doing a little
bit of work each, a phenominal amount of work is done by sharing the
work load.  

Imagine this:

Think of a cryptography contest or other distributed problem as a large
animal.  The lead ants (the D.Net officers) scope out the source, and
then lay down a way for all the rest of us to get to it.  The we the
workers each grab a little piece of it and take it back to the anthill. 
Eventually, with enough workers and enough time, we actually move the
entire animal into the hive, piece by piece.

My analogy may be lacking in a good description, but I'm a geek damnit,
not a poet (well at least not today).


Jon Mentzell
sengir at erols.com

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