[RC5] Amiga task priorities

Ilmari Karonen iltzu at sci.fi
Wed May 12 21:51:33 EDT 1999

On Tue, 11 May 1999, Thomas Tavoly wrote:
>  > the other hand, at least one program I used a lot had tasks running at
>  > - -60 (HippoPlayer 'scopes) and I'm sure there are others. So the proper
> of thing. Apart from that, it's a matter of assuming things, maybe this scope
> only needs a very small percentage of CPU time and assumes that nothing else
> will take 100% of CPU time, or at least not all the time (which would normally
> be the case).

Actually no, the point is that the 'scopes are just eye candy - they
happen to be a type of eye candy I like, but I wouldn't want them to
slow down anything important.

Just like the client, which I wouldn't want to slow down anything else,
not even eye candy.

I still believe that the nicest setting of the client should correspond to
the *nicest possible* setting under whatever OS in in use. I have no idea
if this is the case under other OSes, but if it isn't, that might explain
some[1] of the complaints we've heard.

But I'll make this my last comment on the topic - let's conclude this
discussion and save some bandwidth.

[1] Those not resulting from priority inversion, buggy software, placebo
effects, lack of memory or Micro$oft products. (hmm.. I think I repeated
something there..)

Ilmari Karonen (iltzu at sci.fi)

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