[RC5] seti graphics for us?

Jadin M Hanson rc5.7 at juno.com
Tue May 11 17:25:32 EDT 1999

>>i was just thinking that the rc5 client could get a bit of an 
>>boost if it had a display like the seti  windows client has...
>That would be interesting, but what do you think the client could 
>display. I 
>mean the SETi data and the analysis they are doing over it lends 
>itself to 
>produce "cool" graphs. But RC5-64? Progress bar pretty much does it. 
>is not much more information that could be represented in a graph that 
>immediately available to the client.

I like my clients invisible. I don't even run screensavers on my 'puters
just flip off the monitor. So I vote no for an image or screen saver.
Besides the type of people those "cool" graphics attract are the people
who get bored with this stuff in a week and delete it. Which is much
worse than having no screensaver stuff. 

But if we do have an option for that why not something like a printout of
what the computer is doing (just text you know?) like the actual
functions of the client, but with much of the text skip (so that you can
actually read some of it without a big blur of numbers and letters).

back to my padded room...
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