[RC5] SETI vs distributed.net

csweeney at glasscity.net csweeney at glasscity.net
Mon May 17 10:57:24 EDT 1999

I find that the SETI project does provide a certain level of
interest to me as well.  However I am hooked on the current distributed.net
projects and will not totally give them up.  I have installed
the SETI program on my computer at work.  Now since I actually
work 8 hours a day, most of it doing low CPU usage task, I have
left the distributed.net client installed to run during those
times.  Then when the screensaver kicks in, SETI takes over.
 Seems to be working fine like this so far.  Now my 8 machines
at home are dedicated to distributed.net and I will probly keep
them this way for now.  Just my 2 cents and maybe an idea for
others at work.

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