[RC5] So long RC5, hello SETI

Richard Menedetter ricsi at bigfoot.com
Mon May 17 21:37:53 EDT 1999


"N. H." <hopper at jewishmail.com> wrote:

 NH> The damned RC5 slows the computer down so much.
Sorry .... but this is not true ... (at least for the linux and win version)
they run at idle priority, so they take only CPU time, if the CPU is idle ...
so they (nearly) don't slow down the computer.

I don't know how other OSs handle this.

 NH> It's nice to have a screensaver kick in and work at 100% when I'm not
 NH> working as opposed to slowing me down.
The 2 Clients work pretty well together.
RC5 takes up my idle time .... and if I don't use the computer for 5 min. the
screensaver kicks in.

 NH> Maybe if the new clients had been finished in a reasonable time, I
 NH> might have stayed and not strayed. But, it looks like the SETI project
 NH> is solid enough so I'm sticking with it.
For me it doesn't look too solid, but I run the client anyways ;))

 NH> Regards,
 NH> Nathan Hopper

CU, Ricsi

PS: Could someone send me the address of the SETI at home Mailinglist, please.
Richard Menedetter <ricsi at bigfoot.com> [ICQ: 7659421]

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